Animation wrapped on Big Hero 6 today. What a challenging and fun film to work on. I can't wait for the world to see it on November 7th.

My first day as an animator at Walt Disney Animaiton Studios! Disney animated films are what inspired me to become an animator. I am excited to be part of the team bringing Big Hero 6 to life.

My last day at Blue Sky and I get to fly home to see my family for Christmas!

Today I found out I'll be joining my friends at Blue Sky to work on Rio 2.


Today I joined the staff at AnimSchool. AnimSchool's mission is to be the premiere online school for the broader world of 3D animation. I am very happy to be making this transition. I will be working from home, which is an added bonus!

I joined the team at id Software, and will be working on Doom 4. It's definitely exciting to be working on such a ground breaking franchise, and with a company that is dedicated to producing quality games.

Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs releases today! Go and see it... what are you waiting for? Go now!

I finished working on Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs today. It was a fun ride at Blue Sky. I look forward to seeing the film on the big screen in July.

The new year brings with it a new website. Not everything is fully transferred at the moment. I'll be updating the pages as time allows.

Today was my first day at Blue Sky. The animation floor was packed full with animators feverishly working to get Ice Age 3 ready for the public next summer.

We welcomed a new addition to the Tonymation family this morning. Lil princess Tonymation is adorable. You can read about it on my blog here.

Today I accepted an contract animation position over at Blue Sky Studios. I will be working on their up coming film, Ice Age 3. This is a very exciting change for the Tonymation family. In fact, princess Tonymation has yet to be born, but she is kicking with anticipation. When asked what she thought about the opportunity for her dad to work on such a fun project she said, "thump, thump... hiccup." That says it all.

Princess Tonymation will be born any day now, I will finish up my work for Reel FX on the Madagascar 2 promos, and then pack up and head North.

I didn't really update the site much other than adding some images to my home page documenting the projects I worked on for Reel FX. I was part of the Kung Fu Panda commercials, and the short to be released on the DVD. I also worked on the film, Open Season 2, which will be released in January of 2009.

I added a Blacksite demo to my site. It is a large file, but you can right click on my link and save it. Then enjoy it in pristine quicktime format. The link is located on my video games page.

Hey everyone, check out the new addition to my site. Since Disney is skittish about allowing me to post my work for The Laugh Floor, I created a pictorial walk-through of the actual attraction. Check it out by clicking here

So I finally decided to update my About Me page. I also added my current job to my resume. I just finished working on Area 51-Blacksite, took a vacation, and now have begun work on a new project. We spent our vacation at Walt Disney World, of course, and I posted some of my thoughst about the trip on my blog. Go check it out... just click on the link at the top of this page. Go ahead, you know you want to.

Today was my first day at my new job with Midway in Austin.

Lots of changes in the Tonymation family in the last couple of months. I am not in California anymore. Nope, I'm back home in Texas. Actually a few hours South of my native Dallas. We ended up in Austin, and I am working for Midway Studios, on a really cool First Person Shooter game. It's called Area 51 Blacksite.

I also added the nifty link to my hardly visited blog, up in the right corner. Feel free to make evil comments and let Tonymation really know what you think about him there.

-Legal- Tonymation reserves the right to delete all mean, rude, nasty, and downright irritating posts on his blog, and afterwards, mail rotten eggs to the poster.

I am still in Cali, working freelance for Reel FX again. This time doing some cinematic game animation. I'll probably post some of my work when the game releases.

It's been a long time since I last updated the site. My job and freelance work has kept me busy. Throw in a couple of holidays and my how the months fly by. I am now awaiting my next place of employment after finishing up my work on the Walt Disney World attraction, The Laugh Floor Comedy Club, to be opened this Spring in the Magic Kingdom. If you happen to be in the park, you may be able to catch an exclusive sneak peak of the show. It was a pleasure and a treat to be a part of an attraction that will be in my favorite vacation destination. I hope Mickey approves of my contributions. For now, my reel is out, and I await my next animation destination.

Another project comes to an end. Today I finished my last shot at 3D Site.

The Very First Noel is now available on DVD. Go get your copy today!

I did some freelance for Reel FX on a new Christmas special releasing this November.

The Ant Bully released today... you know that little film I worked on.

Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3 scheduled to air July 21st, on Nickelodeon.

Well... I am not dead. I made it to California and have finally settled into my new apartment. We went a week without any furniture... sleeping on the floor and eating takeout every day. What I do for my art! More updates to come soon!

Today was my first day at 3D Site. They work in Houdini, so I jumped into the program and started getting familiar with it.

Today I accepted an offer to work at 3D Site. I am very excited to be a part of their team. I will be working on top secret stuff that will make the world a better place. It's an exciting project that will last 6 months. So... if you are looking for an animator in the Fall, give me a shout!

We have a large and amazing crew of animators at DNA right now. Unfortunately, within the next 6 weeks, all of us will be working for another studio, as DNA is doing a massive downsizing.

Today I kicked off my first few Hero animation shots on The Ant Bully. Exciting times!

The Ant Bully is the feature film I have been working on at DNA Productions, ever since we wrapped the Jimmy Timmy Power Hours. I started on crowd animation in May of 2005, and finaled my last shot today.

Today Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2 aired on Nickelodeon. They advertised that JTPH3 would air this summer.

The Neutron page now has some of the shots I worked on from the two upcoming Jimmy Timmy Power Hour episodes. These shots are not in final presentation form. Some are quick renders, and some are only playblasts.

Today I completely revamped and redesigned my humble website. It was a tedious, educational, but fun experience. Any complaints should be directed at my wife, as she was my outside consultant.

Today I began my first day as a feature film crowd animator. What a blessing, and a joy to be an animator on such a great project.

I knew it would come too soon... I completed my last Jimmy Neutron shot today, two months and roughly 4500 frames of animation after I begun. It was animation boot camp! And, I enjoyed every minute of it.

What a day! I could hardly animate. I was offered, and accepted a crowd animation position with DNA on their feature film, The Ant Bully. I will begin immediately after we wrap animation on Jimmy Neutron.

Today was my first day as an animator on the Jimmy Neutron special episodes. I still can't believe they are paying me to do this stuff!

Today I learned that I will be animating on the two new Jimmy Timmy Power Hour episodes starting in March. I am super excited!!!

It's official! There will be two more special episodes of Jimmy Neutron. Very exciting news for Neutron fans, and DNA.

I was officially moved from the Jimmy Neutron series to production of our upcoming film "Ant Buly" today. We have such a huge amount of talent working on this film!

Mark DeCarlo, voice of Hugh Neutron, popped into the studio today. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me, but I did get his autograph. He is a very friendly and funny guy!

I changed the layout of my animation page.

I added this nifty news page to keep you up to date with all the latest stuff going on in my exciting life!

Jeff Garcia came to visit the studio. He was very funny and cool as all get out. He signed autographs and even recorded voice mail greetings for some people.

WOW!!! I started working as a Production Assistant for DNA today. I won't be animating anything yet, but what a great opportunity!